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Repères culturels et linguistiques en marge du dictionnaire latin-roumain de Teodor Corbea

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XIX (1), Section Filologie. Limbă literară, p. 48-59
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The paper aims to investigate the cultural context reflected by the largest dictionary of old Romanian lexicography, Teodor Corbea’s Latin-Romanian dictionary (Dictiones Latinae cum Valachica interpretatione) written between the years 1691–1702. It was compiled in the context of a special interest in the history and culture of Greek-Latin humanism to which the most important Romanian personalities of the time (Miron Costin, Dimitrie Cantemir and Constantin Cantacuzino) contributed. The dictionary has a large number of entries on ancient culture. Similarly, this research aims to emphasize the conflict between Slavic-Byzantine culture and West-inspired humanism.
Key words:
  • lexicografie latino-română, occidentalizarea culturii române, Teodor Corbea
  • lexicographie latine-roumaine, l’occidentalisation de la culture roumaine, Teodor Corbea
  • Latin-Romanian lexicography, Westernization of Romanian culture, Teodor Corbea
Language: French

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