Diacronia 9, 7 mai, 2019, A134 (1–15)

Dynamics in language

Valentin Dragoș Biro


  • Doctoral School of Philological Studies, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Bd. Carol I 11, 700506 Iași, Romania
  • “Spiru Haret” Pedagogical National College, Bd. Spiru Haret 6, 120260 Buzău, Romania


Received April 7, 2019
Accepted April 16, 2019
Published May 7, 2019




Language is subjected to a double definition process: by the static reality characteristic of the system, due to inertia to change, and by its permanent character regarding the language acts producing, through speaking. Because it is under the pressure of concrete communicative needs, a language is subjected to a continuous dynamics assuring the language progress or regress, both aspects, together with neutral modifications, actually meaning, in the Darwinist perspective, the language evolution. The article, thus, comes with a necessary conceptual delimitation between the language evolution and progress, on the one hand, but also between causes which determine the evolution and the evolution in itself, as a process.

Linguistics has faced radically different approaches on its topic of study, natural human language; the perspectives on language differ from the relationships network which make the elements creating one language or another to get the quality of systems, to a product of man’s will and freedom, because the language cannot be separated from the speakers’ freedom, or to the attention paid to meanings, these being always socially constituted, based on the interactions between a community members. In such a diversity where divergence dominates convergence, this article intends, in subsidiary, to fix, from an diachronic perspective, the definition of linguistics as being, in fact, the history of evolutions the language has met since its beginnings.


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