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Conceptul de culturem în traductologia românească și spaniolă. Similitudini și discrepanțe

Publication: Studii de traductologie românească. I. Discurs traductiv, discurs metatraductiv. In honorem professoris Ileana Oancea, p. 152-169
Editors:Georgiana Lungu-Badea, Nadia Obrocea
Publisher:Editura Universității de Vest
Abstract:Different approaches in translation studies have been applied to cultural terms. In the Hispanic space, Molina proposes an analysis of norms which operated on the target text and also on the generated changes and relationship of equivalence between TT and ST. In the Romanian context, Lungu-Badea has an outstanding contribution to the definition, theorizing and analysisof cultural terms. The Romanian researcher defines the concept and determines its features by using binary oppositions. She proposes a classification of culturemes through the comparative-cultural method and finds solutions to problems derived from them by analysing the intention-situation in translation. First of all, this paper offers an overview of the conceptualization of the term in the two spaces, and, secondly, it sets out to establish the similarities and/or differences between them.
Key words:cultureme, cultural transfer, cultural equivalence
Language: Romanian

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