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Un hapax legomenon în textele lui Antim Ivireanul: corhor

Publication: Limba română, LXII (4), Section Filologie, p. 506-511
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:During his activity in Wallachia, the Greek culture and language were the most natural sources of inspiration and lexical borrowing for Antim Ivireanul, considering his life and cultural acquisition up to the moment of his arrival to this country, from Constantinople, at the age of 40. Our paper discusses the appearance of corhor, n., in the Afterword written by Antim Ivireanul to the Greek-Romanian Gospel, Bucharest, 1693, the word’s etymology and also its general and special meaning. The term is of Greek origin: κόρχορος, -ον “herbe sauvage que l’on mangeait comme légume” (A. Bailly), “a wild plant of bitter taste” (H.G. Liddell, R. Scott), Anagallis arvensis, L. (Rom. scânteiuţă, Engl. pimpernel). However, Antim does not use the term with its denotative meaning; in his text, corhor is the first compound of ca şi corhorul între alte verdeaţe – an expression that translates the Greek idiom κόρχορος ἐν λαχάνοις, „Corchorus inter olera”, which applies to common people, lacking any merits, who are aspiring to honors they do not deserve (cf. Engl. a tailor among kings and the dawcock sits among the doctors). The meaning of the expression serves Antim Ivireanul’s purpose in constructing the rhetorical sequence of modesty.
Key words:
  • influenţa grecească, limbă literară, expresie idiomatică, afectarea modestiei, corhor
  • borrowing, literary language, affected modesty, proverb, corhor
Language: Romanian

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