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Flexiunea cazuală – între analitic şi sintetic. Cardinale şi cuantificatori non-numerici în româna veche

Publication: Limba română, LXII (2), Section Gramatică, p. 159-173
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The article is based on theoretical information regarding the ‘analytic’–‘synthetic’ typological parameter.
The study is limited to old Romanian, and, within this period, to a reduced class of forms: numeric and non-numeric quantifiers (cardinal and ordinal numerals, some indefinite quantifiers, the universal quantifier toţi ‘all’, and the quantifier amândoi ‘both’).
The author investigates the‘analytic’–‘synthetic’ marking competition, which occurs as early as the first Romanian texts. The morphological class under discussion is very unstable and, therefore, typical for this competition. Inflectional marking variation has different manifestations from one subclass of quantifiers to another and sometimes, even in the same paradigm, in the singular it manifests itself differently from the plural.
Separate inventories are made for synthetic and for analytic markers. The author signals forms and constructions in oblique cases which have not been mentioned in earlier studies. She brings arguments in favour of the idea that until the mid-18th century (the period covered by the corpus) the norms and usage restrictions had not been set yet for each marker (la-genitive was also used in literary texts, de-genitive continued to be used with definite noun phrases, the preposition a was used as a dative marker as well, etc.). Only at a later date did restrictions and specializations begin to manifest themselves more strictly.
Key words:
  • marcaj flexionar, marcaj analitic, concurenţă analitic – sintetic, numeral, cuantificator non-numeric
  • inflectional marking, analytic markers, the analytic – synthetic competition, numeral, non-numeric quantifier
Language: Romanian

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