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Tipăriturile blăjene din secolul al XVIII-lea (1750–1760) şi unificarea limbii române literare

Publication: Philologica Banatica, VII (2), p. 190-196
Publisher:Editura Mirton; Editura Amphora
Abstract:The author presents the history of literary Romanian language research conducted by a Linguistics team of the Romanian Academy, Timișoara Branch. The researched period, 1750-1760, is regarded as the beginning of the unification of the Romanian literary language. They studied the religious prints appeared in Blaj cultural center as these texts have been less investigated in linguistically. The collected material, highly appreciated by specialists, was published in five volumes under the title Lexicul tipăriturilor blăjene din perioada 1750-1760.
For reasons beyond the control of researchers, the topic under discussion was stopped by officials in 1988.
Key words:
  • limbă literară, unificare, tipăriturile blăjene
  • literary Romanian language, unification process, religious prints
Language: Romanian

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