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Monica și Aurelius Augustinus

Publicația: Numele și numirea. Actele Conferinței Internaționale de Onomastică. Ediția I: Interferențe multietnice în antroponimie, p. 341
Editori:Oliviu Felecan
Editura:Editura Mega
Rezumat:[Monica and Aurelius Augustinus]
The Confessions of Saint Augustine are an autobiography in the sense that Philippe Lejeune gives to the term (The Autobiographical Pact), namely a retrospective narrative that a real person makes about his/her own existence, emphasizing his/her individual life, especially the history of his/her personality. I am going to explore the link between the characters’ name and life (the etymology of the names Monica and Aurelius Augustinus being extremely relevant) and, at the same time, to analyse the relationship mother – son, as it is revealed in the text. Moreover, this paper is a study of applied poetics, in which I discuss the problems that are raised in most autobiographies (the narrative voice, the object of narration, the order of narration and the way in which the autobiographical pact is expressed in the text). In an autobiography, in which the contract of sincerity is included, honesty is never complete and the most revealing element of the autobiographical score is the interpretation of silence(s) (the suppression or concealment of truth). The confession of truth, of what is unspeakable, of what is unbearable is impossible in an autobiography, as the sincerity discourse is, in fact, encoded. This intimate, personal truth that an autobiography tries to express, while being impossible, can be confessed in an indirect manner. According to Philippe Lejeune’s assertions, what is amazing in the domain of autobiography is the fact that we are always able to continue to do anything else, without going beyond its limits.
Cuvinte-cheie:etymology of the names, autobiography, autobiographical pact, poetics
Limba: română

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