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De la traducson comme pratique censoriale. Le cas de l’étudiant de langues schizophrène, Louis Wolfson

Publicația: Atelier de traduction, 17, p. 101
Editura:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Rezumat:By first considering the question of delirium in translation, this article sets out to examine a very unique case of what, at first sight, has all the likings of translational censorship. More specifically, it asks what happens to translation when the source text is no longer the product of intentional wordplay (as is often the case of texts known as « littérature à contraintes »), but the product of delirium. Can we then go on talking about constraints? Can translation be thought of as resorting to translation methods? Can methods apply when translating “literary delirium”? The example analyzed here is a text by American schizophrenic Louis Wolfson, author of an autobiographical work in 1968 titled Le Schizo et les langues, in which the reader learns that the “schizophrenic language student” cannot tolerate hearing, seeing or reading, that is, having any contact whatsoever with his mother tongue (i.e. English), and thus has invented a method by which he systematically replaces any term in this language by phonetical equivalents in other languages.
Cuvinte-cheie:translation – delirium in literature – censorial practice – translation methods – traducson
Limba: franceză

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