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Selectivitatea sintagmatică și constrângerile lexicale în traducerea reprezentativă

Publication: Studii de traductologie românească. I. Discurs traductiv, discurs metatraductiv. In honorem professoris Ileana Oancea, p. 192-215
Editors:Georgiana Lungu-Badea, Nadia Obrocea
Publisher:Editura Universității de Vest
Abstract:This paper analyses the specific features of the lexical-syntactic structures that determine translators to engage in numerous psycholinguistic operations in order to address interlinguistic divergences and to give the translation a representative character. An important focus of the paper is the discussion of a particular, primarily psycholinguistic model of illustrating the main steps that have to be taken to render Russian verbs of movement into Romanian, emphasising the decisive role played by the common reference term in the comparative analysis and, at the level of discourse, by the revealer of discursive significance, whose task is to clarify the vaguer terms of movement in the source language (Romanian in our case).
Key words:representative character, syntagmatic constraints, synonymic selection, language-discourse, revealer of discursive significance
Language: Romanian

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