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Anglicisme în publicații adresate tinerilor

Publication: Aspecte ale dinamicii limbii române actuale. Actele colocviului Catedrei de Limba Română, 27-28 noiembrie 2002, II, Section Lexic și terminologii; alte domenii
Editors:Gabriela Pană Dindelegan
Publisher:Editura Universității din București
Abstract:[The anglicism in publications for young people]
The Romanian vocabulary has witnessed of an invasion of “anglicisms” lately. The media, an important factor in the development of a language shows us clearly this phenomenon. The international character, the need to replace the “wood language” of the ‘90s, represents the reason why so many English words have entered our language.
The present article is a study on the lexical and morphological aspects of “anglicisms” found in the Romanian media during the years 2001-2003.
The following magazines Bravo and Cool-Girl provided the reference material for this study. The lexical terms were selected from different areas of activity, such as: music, social life, sports, economy and technology.
Language: Romanian

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