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Noțiunea de limbă română literară în concepția lui G. Ivănescu

Publication: Flores philologiae – omagiu profesorului Eugen Munteanu, la împlinirea vârstei de 60 de ani, Section Studii, p. 478-485
Editors:Ana Catană-Spenchiu, Ioana Repciuc, Florin Faifer
Publisher:Editura Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:In this paper I aim at presenting G. Ivănescu’s main ideas regarding the Romanian written language. In the first part I try to make up a definition of this concept, based on the various ideas that the great scholar insists upon in several of his surveys. The second part is devoted to presenting Ivănescu’s approach of maybe the most controversial aspect involved by this topic, namely, the way in which the Romanian written language came into being, the factors that led to the translation into Romanian of the first religious texts. While presenting these aspects, I have tried to underline Ivănescu’s original contribution to the research of the Romanian written language.
Key words:written language, written dialect, linguistic unification, articulatory basis, psychological basis
Language: Romanian

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