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Utilizări dialectale ale supinului. Dovezi pentru extinderea structurii funcționale

Publication: Variația lingvistică: probleme actuale. Actele celui de-al 14-lea Colocviu Internațional al Departamentului de Lingvistică, 1, p. 39
Editors:Rodica Zafiu, Isabela Nedelcu
Publisher:Editura Universității din București
Abstract:[Dialectal usages of the supine. Arguments for an extended functional structure]
The aim of this paper is to show that in the north-eastern varieties of Romanian (mainly in the varieties spoken in the Republic of Moldova and in Ukraine) certain usages of the supine are different from the ones found in standard Romanian. The following phenomena have been discussed: the generalised usage of the complementizer de (trebuie de făcut vs standard Romanian: trebuie făcut ‘it must be done’) and the co-occurrence of the supine with pronominal clitics, impossible in standard Romanian (trebuie de le făcut ‘these must be done’). Our conclusion is that the functional structure of the supine is different in the north-eastern varieties when compared to standard Romanian: the supine acquires phi-features (number and gender), the functional space between C and v is more highly structured and extended, the complementizer de projects a CP-periphery in which different constituents can be raised, and the verbal negator selected is phrasal nu instead of the head ne-.
Language: Romanian

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