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Considerații pe marginea vitalității compuselor calchiate din vechea română literară

Publication: Limba română: diacronie și sincronie în studiul limbii române, I, p. 303
Editors:Rodica Zafiu, Adina Dragomirescu, Alexandru Nicolae
Publisher:Editura Universității din București
Abstract:Of the loan translated compounds of Old Romanian, only a few are still available in the active lexis of Romanian. The lack of vitality of most loan translations from Slavonic is due to their profoundly artificial nature, to a change of attitude with respect to the act of translation, or to their poor diffusion. Most of the Old Romanian loan translations which are still used are those whose position has been consolidated by Latin- Romance models, this being possible due to the fact that their remote origin is Greek. From Greek, these patterns were borrowed by Old Church Slavonic, by Latin or by the Romance languages, and subsequently penetrated Romanian through these intermediary languages in different moments. In this situation we find terms like atotputernic (‘almighty’), binecuvânta (‘to bless’), binefacere (‘good/kind deed’), binefăcător (‘benefactor’), attested as early as the 16th century, and borrowed again in the modern epoch on French and Latin models.
Language: Romanian

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