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Les hypostases de la toponymisation en roumain

Publication: Language and Literature – European Landmarks of Identity, 11, p. 16
Publisher:Universitatea din Pitești
Abstract:By studying the complex process of toponyms-making, i.e. the gradual transformation of names (or, as the case may be, of anthroponyms) into proper toponyms, the author identifies the main aspects that may characterize a name undergoing this process: the naming conversion of the toponymic name, the inter-naming conversion (anthroponym turned into toponym without any specific formal modifications), the inter-toponymic conversion (the transfer from one toponymic name to another), the lexico-grammatical tools (modifiers or possessive adjectives), the lexico-semantic naming compressing, the toponymic derivation, the preservation of the toponyms coming from Latin or the substratum, the borrowing of toponyms from other languages, the heteroglot doubling of Romanian toponyms making (multiple toponyms), the reverse of the process of toponyms-making (losing the statute of proper name). The picture of these aspects represents the genetic taxonomy of toponyms, which largely includes the typological and socio-geographical classification, as well as the stratification of Romanian toponyms.
Key words:naming conversion, toponyms-making process, trans-naming
Language: French

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