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Ce înseamnă adverb de mod?

Publication: Limba română, LVIII (2), Section Gramatică, p. 238-247
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In this paper, I describe the semantic and syntactic heterogeneity of the class of manner adverbs. Judging upon different criteria, I identified several subtypes of manner adverbs: considering the scope, there are manner adverbs which include the verb in their scope and others which do not, but refer to the result or to the cognate object; according to the semantic type of the adjective that serves at adverbialization, there are manner adverbs of qualification and manner adverbs of quantification; considering the possibility of paraphrase, there are manner adverbs synonym with the syntagm [in + adjective + way/manner] and others which do not allow this synonymy. I also discuss some theoretical problems entailed by the difficulty to define consistently the ontological category of manner, which interferes with other types of values (instrumental, qualifying, local, temporal, comparative, etc.).
Key words:
  • adverb, mod, clasificare, eterogenitate, ambiguitate
  • adverbial, manner, classification, heterogeneity, ambiguity
Language: Romanian

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