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Observaţii despre topica adverbelor de mod în limba română

Publication: Limba română: controverse, delimitări, noi ipoteze. Actele celui de-al 9-lea Colocviu al Catedrei de Limba Română, I, Section Gramatică, p. 101
Editors:Rodica Zafiu, Adina Dragomirescu, Alexandru Nicolae
Publisher:Editura Universității din București
Abstract:[Notes on the Order of Manner Adverbs in Romanian] The possibilities displayed by intrapredicative manner adverbs in what concerns word order account for the different variations that exist inside of this class. The author describes the order displayed in Romanian by manner adverbs related to the verbal domain (not also to the adjectival one). The unmarked order displayed by these adverbials is postverbal, adjacent to the verb or following the direct object: Maria a povestit frumos întâmplarea; Maria a povestit întâmplarea frumos ‛Mary related the happening in a beautiful way’. The (symetric) initial positioning of the type ADV–VB–SB (and less frequently SB–ADV–VB) is marked. Typically, the initial position, in front of the subject (ADV–SB– VB), is not preferred by Romanian manner adverbs and stands for a rather extrapredicative interpretation: Precaut, Maria a vorbit clar româneşte; a evitat să folosească franceza. ‛Precautiously, Mary spoke Romanian clearly; she avoided talking in French’. The situation is also similar for the order SB–ADV–VB. In Romanian, placing the manner adverb after a verbal auxiliary is impossible (*Maria a corect vorbit. ‛Mary spoke correctly’). Possibilities of detaching the intrapredicative adverb (graphically, by commas/prosodically) and the subsequent consequences were discussed for each main type: SB–VB,–ADV,–...; ADV,–SB–VB; SB–VB,–ADV.
Language: Romanian

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