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Les adverbiaux roum. în chip ..., în mod ... ‘d’une manière’. Notes synchroniques et diachroniques

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LVII (3), p. 263-289
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In contemporary Romanian, manner can be expressed by manner expressions [în mod ‘in a way’ + adjective] (mod ‘manner, way, mode’) and [în chip ‘in a way’ + adjective] (chip ‘face ; image ; appearance ; look ; shape ; manner’). The two structures contain loanwords (mod is a Romance loanword, chip has a Hungarian or/and Slavic etymon) and have analogous uses in other languages. The main aim of the article is to describe the uses and the meaning of these adverbials in the contemporary Romanian as well as in old and (pre-)modern Romanian. The expressions [în mod + qualifying/relative/reference-modifying adjective] are nowadays more frequent (12 : 1) and are stylistically unmarked compared to those containing chip, which are characteristic for the high register and essay writing. The question that remains to be answered is why the older expressions containing chip have not been generally used to express manner and have very limited usage in contemporary language. Using diachronic data, the author proposes some hypotheses that would explain the synchronic variation of the aforementioned expressions in present-day Romanian. She considers that the evolution of the adverbials containing chip must be studied alongside other phenomena, i.e. the development of the adverbials containing fel ‘manner, way, species, kind’ and mod ‘manner, way, mode’ and the diachronic dynamics of the taxonomic nouns. She also advances the idea that there is a correspondence between the non-factive and, particularly, counter-factive nature of the word chip (see the pragmaticalisation of the adverb chipurile ‘seemingly, apparently’) and of the aforementioned lexicalized structures, which in fact could maybe block the development of an unmarked usage. Another explanation proposed for the obsolescence of the adverbials containing în chip is related to the cultural context in the (pre-)modern Romanian, i.e. the “Re-Romanization” of the vocabulary.
Key words:Manner, Romanian Adverbials, Evidential Adverbs, Linguistic Change, Linguistic Borrowing
Language: French

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