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Argoul în lexicografia românească

Publication: Analele Universităţii „Dunărea de Jos” din Galați. Fascicula XXIV. Lexic comun / lexic specializat, II, p. 13
Publisher:Editura Europlus
Abstract:The aim of our intervention is to propose a review, but also an analysis of the lexicographic papers dedicated at first to the Romanian slang, but also to the bilingual slang dictionaries released after December 1989. We focused on this period because before 1989, such a scientific approach could not be even taken into consideration using the theory that slang was the language of the declassed class, because this class... didn’t even exist during the communist period! More than 40 years, between 1947 and 1989, Romanian slang was absent from the linguistics research and became a truly taboo subject in lexicography, not being approached by any dictionary. Even now, after 20 years characterized by freedom of expression and lack of... linguistic and lexicographic taboos, the Romanian slang, regarded as a subject of scientific approach is still wide of the mark, compared to its “homologous” French which became studied 500 years ago, and to whom there were dedicated hundreds of volumes, studies, articles, and dictionaries!
Language: Romanian

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