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Gheorghe Ivănescu, reformator al lingvisticii româneşti

Publication: Anuar de Lingvistică și Istorie Literară, LV, p. 113
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[G. Ivănescu, reformer of Romanian linguistics]
The paper aims to prove, by underlining several main research directions G. Ivănescu undertook, the important role he had in the history of (Romanian) linguistics due to the reforming initiatives and the innovative ideas that he promoted, i.e.: he proposed an original periodization of the Romanian’s evolution, published an exhaustive history of Romanian, supported the essential connection between language and society (the fact the changes at the level of language reflect the historical, social, and political changes). In brief, he practiced (though he did not theorize it) the linguistic integralism.
Key words:history of Romanian, A. Philippide, periodization of the Romanian’s evolution, Iorgu Iordan, Eugeniu Coşeriu, linguistic integralism, reform of linguistics
Language: Romanian

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