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Aspecte privind structura vocabularului în cel mai vechi octoih în limba română (I)

Publication: Limba română, LXIV (1), p. 99
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:Unlike other ancient Romanian texts, Micul Octoih de la Braşov (The Little Octoih from Braşov)–MOB [1596–1610] has never been given the attention it merits; it has never been edited or systematically studied. Part of a broader project that aims to fill in this gap, the current article exclusively concerns the structure of the vocabulary; word formation processes would make the object of another study. Moreover, the focus is on two main categories: 1. words that either disappeared from Romanian language or are preserved at popular/regional level only and 2. words with meanings no longer in current use. Further sub-categories concern origin (Latin, Slavic, Hungarian, Greek, and obscure/not fully clarified) and, in addition, words formed within the Romanian language. Each term is followed by its etymon, meaning(s), and minimal context; in a few cases, also by some comments.
The article is dived in two parts. This first part offers a brief description of the manuscript and presents the inventory of terms falling under the first category (that is, words that either disappeared from Romanian language or are preserved at popular/regional level only). A second part, including the words with meaning no longer in use, as well as the conclusions, will appear in the next number of “Limba română” (2015, No. 2).
Key words:
  • Micul Octoih de la Braşov [1596–1610], structura vocabularului, termeni dispăruţi sau păstraţi la nivel popular/regional, cuvinte noi/rare, prime atestări
  • The Little Octoih from Braşov [1596–1610], vocabulary structure, disapeared terms or preserved at popular/regional level, new/rare words, first attestations
Language: Romanian

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