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Stilul funcțional electronic

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XIV (2), p. 139-150
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[The electronic functional style]
The finality of our present article is to argue that from the diaphazical perspective in the contemporary Romanian language we could identify the existence of a new functional style, that is the electronic conversational style (shortly: the electronic style), detached from the publicistic style and including the computer-mediated communication and the other electronic means (GPS; telephony: SMS, MMS). After we subjected the electronic discourse to a conversational analysis, we formulated a series of specific characteristics referring to various levels of the language (phonetic, lexical, grammatical, stylistical) and to some sociopsychological implications. We mention here: the phonetic accidents, the (positive and negative) graphic alterations, the electronic abbreviations, the lack of punctuation, the preference for Anglicisms, the use of emoticons, the verbal apocope, the orality, the communicative (pragmatic) silences vs the non-communicative (accidental) silences.
Language: Romanian

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