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Semantica cognitivă şi „teoria metaforei conceptuale”. O abordare din perspectivă integrală

Publication: Limba română, LXIII (3), p. 340-356
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The paper focuses, on the one hand, on two theoretical problems of Conceptual Metaphor Theory: namely the cognitive status and the creative dimension of the conceptual metaphors; on the other, it aims at approaching some descriptive findings from Conceptual Metaphor Theory within the perspective of Coseriu’s semantics. Recent attempts to simply situate conceptual metaphors within a social and cultural context did not bring the expected results. The need for a radical breakthrough from the old conceptual and theoretical framework of Lakoff and Johnson’s Conceptual Metaphor Theory became urgent. The reconstruction of cognitive science on phenomenological and hermeneutical bases is on the way to being pursued within the rising of the third generation of cognitive science. It will certainly represent a major advance for bridging the gap between cognitive science and other traditions of research, such as integral semantics.
Key words:
  • metaforă conceptuală, semn lingvistic, creativitate semantică, metaforă designaţională
  • conceptual metaphor, linguistic sign, semantic creativity, designational metaphor
Language: Romanian

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