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Precizări şi rectificări (II): mire

Publication: Limba română, LXIII (3), p. 305
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:We explain the Latin etymology of Rum. mire ‘young man about to get married’, ‘bridegroom’: from Lat. miles ‘soldier’, (later) also ‘officer in guard’, by the historical data resulting from the Roman Diplomata militaria, found in Dacia Traiana, the ex-Roman province on the territory of Romania. The legal marriage (iustum matrimonium) of the Roman soldiers in Dacia was allowed by Emperor’s decree, granting them civitas and connubium after the discharge from the army (Lat. honesta missio), by which the new Roman citizen was accepted in the community as a married man and pater familias according to the law. There is a perfect parallel between Lat. miles ‘soldier’ > Rom. mire ‘young man, bridegroom’ and Lat. veteranus ‘veteran (ex-soldier)’ > Rom. bătrân ‘old man’.
Key words:
  • rom. mire, lat. miles, imperator, rom. cununie, diplome militare romane, lat. civitas, connubium, honesta missio
  • Rom. mire, Lat. miles, imperator, Rom. cununie ‘marriage ceremony’, Roman Diplomata militaria, Lat. civitas, connubium, honesta missio
Language: Romanian

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