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(Non)configuraţionalitate în sintaxa adjectivului din româna veche

Publication: Lucrările celui de-al șaselea Simpozion Internațional de Lingvistică, București, 29-30 mai 2015, Section Morfologie și sintaxă, p. 564-572
Editors:Maria Stanciu Istrate, Daniela Răuțu
Publisher:Editura Univers Enciclopedic Gold
Abstract:[(Non-)configurationality and the internal syntax of adjectives in old Romanian]
This paper analyses certain patterns specific to the old Romanian Adjectival Phrase: the preadjectival position of the complement, degree markers (such as foarte ‘very’) placed after the adjective, and discontinuous APs, either with a dislocated complement or with a dislocated degree marker. Following recent work by Adam Ledgeway, we defend the hypothesis that the old Romanian adjectival phrase preserves relics of the head-final and non-configurational syntax of Latin.
Key words:diachronic variation, complementation, degree phrases, roll-up movement
Language: Romanian

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