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Particularitățile fonetice ale unui text din secolul al XVII-lea: Epistolă și Panegiric către Constantin Brâncoveanu (ms. Bar 766)

Publication: Flores philologiae – omagiu profesorului Eugen Munteanu, la împlinirea vârstei de 60 de ani, Section Studii, p. 240-251
Editors:Ana Catană-Spenchiu, Ioana Repciuc, Florin Faifer
Publisher:Editura Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:I intend, throughout this paper, to emphasize the phonetical particularities of a Romanian text from the 17th century (A letter and an encomium addressed to Constantin Brâncoveanu – MS. BAR 766). I had in view those situations specific to the old literary Romanian, situations that are no longer present in the contemporary Romanian or those which know today only a regional use. Taking into consideration the fact that this text is a translation of a translator from Moldavia (Athanasie ot Agapia, this being the form the translator himself used it) who, probably, came to Brâncoveanu's place or even to Hurezi (the monastery where the manuscript was found), I focused also on the interference of the phonetical phenomena.
Key words:accent, vowels, consonants
Language: Romanian

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