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Linguistic considerations on Romanian phytonims created with the term „drac” (devil)

Publication: The Proceedings of the International Conference Literature, Discourse and Multicultural Dialogue. Section: Language and Discourse, 3, p. 375-389
Editors:Iulian Boldea
Publisher:Arhipelag XXI Press
Abstract:Our paper aims an inventory, an interpretation and a statistical analysis of the Romanian phytonims created with the term „drac” (devil) and how it is reflected in our ethnobotany. This term designates usually a pure evil male entity, and by extrapolation it may appoint a sinner or a cruel man. For a long time taboo phenomenon was a rich source of expressivity, people inventing and using substitutes of this designation, fearing invoking evil. Lately funny names are used and over time they may indicate a playful, tricksy, clever man.
Key words:drac, devil, Romanian phytonimy, linguistic imaginary, connotation, denotation
Language: Romanian

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