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Creativitatea lexicală ca mijloc de persuasiune în textul publicitar

Publication: Creativity, Imaginary, Language. Actele Conferinței Internaționale de Științe Umaniste și Sociale „Creativitate. Imaginar. Limbaj”, p. 80
Editors:Claudiu Marian Bunăiașu, Xenia Negrea, Alina Țenescu
Abstract:As the title emphasizes, the aim of this paper is to investigate how lexical creativity works as a means of persuasion in the advertising texts. It is well known that, in whatever form, ad texts are based on argumentative and persuasive strategies to convince the target audience. Also, because of the need for brevity (based on the principle of concentration and economy of language) and for expressiveness, advertisements use original building techniques in order to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, we notice a trend in creating novel lexical forms in this type of texts: original compounds, blends, nonce words/coinages (most of them having the status of hapax legomena), acronyms etc. In this respect, it is necessary to distinguish between two important terms belonging to the word formation field: creativity and productivity. Advertising texts, always being the subject to change and innovation, record a variety of original lexical creations, which demonstrates the playfulness and the creativity that defines this domain. Thus, advertising texts are more and more similar to the artistic speech; like literature and journalistic texts, advertisements are one of the most creative and flexible languages. This fact can be easily noticed especially in the lexical field, innovative word formations functioning as a very efficient instrument for persuading the possible customer.
Key words:lexical creativity, persuasion, advertisements
Language: Romanian

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