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Communicative universal convertibility Matter-Energy-Information

Publication: Social Sciences and Education Research Review, I (1)
Publisher:Sitech Publishing House
Abstract:The research aims to reveal and prove the thesis of the neutral and convertibility relationship between constituent constructive elements of the universe: matter, energy and information. The approach perspective is a computationally-communicative-neutrosophic one. We configure a coherent and cohesive ideation line. Matter, energy and information are fundamental elements of the world. Among them, there is an inextricable multiple, elastic and evolutionary connection. The elements are defined by the connections between them. Our hypothesis is that the relationship between matter, energy and information is a neutral one. This relationship is not required by the evidence. At this level, it does not give up in front of the evidence intelligibility. Neutral relationship is revealed as a law connection. First, the premise that matter, energy and information never come into contradiction is taken as strong evidence. Their law-like-reciprocal obligations are non contradictory. Being beyond the contrary, matter, energy and information maintain a neutral relationship. Therefore, on the basis of the establishment and functioning of the universe or multi-verse, there is neutrality. Matter, energy and information are primary-founder neutralities. Matter, energy and information are neutral because they are related to inexorable legitimate. They are neutral because they are perfectly bound to one another. Regularity and uniformity are the primary forms of neutrality. The study further radiographies the relational connections, and it highlights and renders visible the attributes and characteristics of the elements (attributes are essential features of elements and characteristics are their specific features). It explains the bilateral relationships matter-energy, information-matter and energy-information. Extension method of Cai Wen (1999) is utilized to clarify relationships between Matter, Energy and Information. It finally results that reality is an ongoing and complex process of bilateral and multi-lateral convertibility. Thus, it is formulated the neutrosophic principle of Interconvertibility Matter-Energy-Information (NPI_MEI).
Key words:matter, energy, information, convertibility Matter-Energy-Information
Language: English

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