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Alexandru Philippide la „Viaţa Românească”

Publication: Philologica Jassyensia, V (1), p. 79-88
Publisher:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Abstract:Alexandru Philippide played a crucial role in “Viaţa românească” Literary Review. He was Ibrăileanu’s mentor to whom he induced a very pregnant aesthetic and ideological conception. He enforced not only the orthography of the literary review (considered as a particular sign of the grammar school from Iaşi), but also a specific conservative attitude in direct lineage to “Moldavian criticism”, as a kernel concept of Ibrăileanu’s theory. His option to simplify Romanian writing, according to the phonetic principle was but a consequence of his wider anthropological and organic thinking system. Built around a vitalistic perception of the universe, his linguistic system blends together general moral values such as authenticity, frankness and unaffectedness mirroring themselves, in their turn, at all levels of human knowledge: ethics, society and art. These are also the pillars of Ibrăileanu’s moral reflection in his book entitled Privind viaţa (“Watching at Life”). Perhaps Philippide influenced the critic when he underlined the importance of Realism or the overemphasized formula of “thorough criticism”. Understanding language as an immediate expression of human nature, Philippide, as well as his pupil, rejects formalism and art for art’s sake and prizes the content of literary craft, the ideatic nucleus, called by Constantin Dobrogeanu Gherea, “tendency”.
Key words:vitalism, anthropological linguistics, phonetic principle, thorough criticism, conservative attitude
Language: Romanian

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