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Câteva observații privind unicitatea în sintaxă

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XIX (2), p. 141-152
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:This study tries to put forward some observations regarding uniqueness as understood by Romanian modern grammar, especially by Essential Grammar of Romanian. We take into account as a starting point the principle of unique syntactical functions stated and explained by D. D. Draşoveanu.
Uniqueness in Essential Grammar of Romanian (GBLR) is exclusively situated at the level of the verbal phrase governed by a verb discharging the function of predicate of utterance and regards only the compulsory objects occurring in a surface structure (required by the semantic matrix of the predicative verb) and which appear only once (non-coordinated).
Our intention in this article is to prove that we can talk about uniqueness of syntactic functions in the case of adverbials (seen as optional adjuncts of the head verb in a phrase) and within the noun phrase, where some functions are not only unique, but also compulsory (the noun complement and, most of the times, the determiner).
Key words:
  • unicitate, grup verbal, grup nominal
  • uniqueness, verbal phrase, noun phrase
Language: Romanian

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