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Complement indirect datival, atribut pronominal datival sau… complement posesiv?

Publication: Analele Universității de Vest din Timișoara. Seria Științe Filologice, XLIX, p. 83
Publisher:Editura Universității de Vest
Abstract:The study analyzes the triad Dative Indirect Complement – Dative Pronominal Attribute – Possessive Complement, concluding that the adverbal Dative discharges only the first two syntactical functions, thus we reject the so-called Possessive Complement, as coined by the academic treatise GALR.
Key words:Dative Clitics, Possessive Dative, Possessive Complement, Indirect Complement, Pronominal Attribute, Verbal Group, Syntactical Homonymy and Ambiguity, Syntactical Reorganization
Language: Romanian

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