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Cărţile româneşti vechi, o componentă esenţială a patrimoniului cultural

Publication: Revista de istorie și teorie literară, VII (1-4), p. 37
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In the present paper one can find a convincing argumentation for the idea that the fund of old Romanian books preserved in various libraries, and in cultural and theological institutes in Romania and abroad represents an essential constituent of the movable cultural heritage and, implicitly, of the national culture. These books ought to be legally, administratively and technically protected, more than they used to be. The author suggests a revising of the heritage book concept, and a reevaluation of the criteria that state that a certain book belongs to this particular category. In this respect, he endorses the extension of the period in which a book may be evaluated as old, from 1830, to 1890 (the moment when the Cyrillic alphabet ceased to be used in printing). The author also critically examines the present condition of the national fund of old Romanian books and makes some pertinent and concrete suggestions for the improvement of their preservation, evaluation, and scientific and cultural revaluation.
Key words:old Romanian books, national catalogue, manuscripts, cultural inheritance, printed works
Language: Romanian

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