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Contribuţii la cercetarea cuvintelor cu etimologie necunoscută: rom. „smidă”

Publication: Philologia, LIII (3-4), p. 119-137
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:In Romanian, the regionalism smidă, a word from the lexical-semantic group of forest, is one with unknown etymology. On the basis of language facts from lexicographic sources and linguistic atlases, the term smidă is defined as „young, small, uncleared forest, characterized by certain features of afforestation, embedded in a larger forest”. As a result of the analysis it was stated that the ratio between the Romanian word smidă and the word with the Latin origin pădure is the same as between the words from the substrate and those inherited from Latin. In this article the author supports the substarate origin of the examined term and releases the hypothesis (based on mythological and religious functions of sacred trees and sacred forests that descend from those of the cosmic tree) that most likely our Thracian-Dacian ancestors through the term *smid(ə) designated sacred forest (sacred tree → sacred forest). As shown in the article, diatopic meanings of the Romanian smidă as well as the area of its spreading would confirm our assumptions. In their support there are brought lexical-semantic consistencies from Indo-European languages, the closest of which the Romanian smidă has with the Baltic languages, due to similar semantic evolutions: arboregrup, mulţime de arboricrâng, pădurice, pădure.
Language: Romanian

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