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De la cuvinte la realitate. Evoluţii semantice şi mentalităţi

Publication: Limba română, LIX (1), Section Romanistică, p. 72-78
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The present study aims to analyze the relationship between the semantic evolution of specialized lexical items and the evolution of mentalities within the respective field of activity. We took as example three financial Romanian terms (bancă, capital and credit) with Romance (Italian and French) etymology, which are representative for two linguistic phenomena: metaphorical conceptualization and loan translation. Their introduction into the Romanian language was possible because of the existence of the linguistic form with the same basic meaning. The metaphorical conceptualization follows the foreign model, but the resulting term is not always the same as the one in the source language. The analysis of the lexicographical definitions in the two languages leads to conclusions regarding the conceptual plan (the financial practices and instruments).
Key words:
  • calc, conceptualizare metaforică, evoluţii semantice, terminologie diacronică, vocabular financiar
  • diachronic terminology, financial vocabulary, loan translation, metaphorical conceptualization, semantic evolutions
Language: Romanian

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Linguistic Circle of New York; Editura Universității Transilvania din Brașov1953, 1974; 2013 (trad.)

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