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Prefixul co- în limba română

Publication: Limba română, LX (2), p. 157-161
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The prefix co-, in words as coborî (lower), cotropi (invade), covârşi (overwhelm), was considered a creation of the Romanian language from derivatives with another prefix, po- by dissimilation: coborî < pogorî (lower < descend) (Al. Graur). When the Bulgarian linguist Mosko Moskov identified a derivation system with prefixes ko-, ka-, etc., in old Slavic, G. Mihăilă suggested Slavic etymons for the above mentioned words, which have not been introduced in the dictionaries. Andrei Avram later showed that the dissimilation considered by Al. Graur could not take place for specific phonetic reasons. Based on these findings, we have concluded that the prefix co- originates from the old Slavic ko-. On the other hand, Al. Ciorănescu wrote about the expressive prefix co- in words like cofleşi (muddle), etc., but without indicating its origin. Based on examples from the study of Mosko Moskov, we have shown the fact that in the old Slavic the prefix ko- is attached primarily to themes which in Romanian language could be interpreted as “expressive”, of muta (or f) cum liquida type, the expressivity which has subsequently been transferred to the prefix. After corroborating the data, we believe that there is only one prefix co- in Romanian language, of Slavic origin, which also aggregates the semantic mark “expressive”.
Key words:
  • coborî, cotropi, cofleşi, etimologie, veche slavă
  • coborî, cotropi, cofleşi, etymology, old Slavic
Language: Romanian

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