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Name Truncation in English and Romanian

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LIX (1), p. 3-21
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:This paper is a contrastive analysis of the structural properties of English and Romanian truncated names. Name truncation is considered to be a word-formation process and is analyzed from the perspective of Prosodic Morphology. The contrastive analysis of the structure of English and Romanian name truncations focuses on the phonological requirements which these have to satisfy. It is shown that linguistically significant generalizations about the structure of truncated names in both languages can only be formulated in terms of units of the prosodic hierarchy. The paper also looks into the issue of prosodic minimality in the two languages. The size of truncated names is therefore examined in light of the correlation between the minimal prosodic word and the stress foot of English and Romanian respectively. The form of English name truncations is consistent with its stress foot. In the case of Romanian, which has a different stress foot, the size of truncated names shows that only derived words are subject to a prosodic minimality constraint.
Key words:truncated name, syllable, foot, prosodic minimality, derived word
Language: English

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