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Grammaticalisation et expressivité

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LV (3), p. 301-312
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:There is a current belief that grammaticalization and the development of expressiveness are opposite linguistics processes. Accepted as such by many scholars, the opposition between the two types of linguistic values – grammatical, on the one hand and expressive, on the other – is summoned to argue that style facts should be considered abnormalities with reference to the so-called “normal” use. However, there are also prominent Romanian specialists who reject this dichotomic view: G. Ivănescu, T. Vianu, M. Avram etc. For instance, Avram (1987: 84) states that the relationship between stylistics and grammar should be established by means of congruence, not opposition.
The present paper is structured around the hypothesis that grammaticalization, defined as the “restraint or the loss of the valences possessed by the autonomous word” (Bidu-Vrănceanu et al., 2001: 239) and the development of expressiveness, described as the act that “enriches the communication” (Vianu, 1968: 48) are but related aspects of the creative energies that render the human cognitive architecture unique. A small corpus of Romanian proverbs provides the linguistic data used to support the theoretical assumptions.
Language: French

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