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L’interjection hai(de) – entre grammaticalisation et pragmaticalisation ?

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LIV (1-2), p. 185-195
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:This paper touches upon some aspects pertaining to the gradual and partial grammaticalization and pragmaticalization of the Romanian hai(de) interjection.
On analyzing with some suspicion certain information about the pragmatical and (mainly) grammatical interpretations related to the hai(de) interjection, the author: (1) interprets the interjection as a lexicalization of some modal operators, as discourse markers (following a continual pragmaticalization) and (2) establishes that, as with other Balkan languages which consider that the interjection in question has formed a partial verbal paradigm (first and second persons, plural), Romanian makes use, in this instance, of an etymological form for the first person plural (tc. haidem < tc. haydem), which, therefore, does not mark an internal evolution of the language, as some other papers would like to believe. One can only really speak of a genuine grammaticalization in the second person plural (haideţi), this being the only Romanian creation, by analogy with the first person plural (the same as with the other Balkan languages).
Language: French

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