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La variation linguistique sous la perspective de l’informatisation des atlas régionaux roumains

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LIII (1-2), p. 107-123
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:After a brief review of the state of the art in digitalizing linguistic atlases, the authors outline the advantages of the works which present the complete results of the inquiries, in phonetic transcription, with special characters (by comparison with the representations using graphic symbols – geometrical). This technique, used for the projection and elaboration of the third volume of Noul Atlas lingvistic român, pe regiuni. Moldova şi Bucovina, whose publication was anticipated by a Prospectus, Iaşi, 2005, allows the publication of the atlas on an electronic support, for which we projected several software modules in order to access and realize linguistic materials and related data, stocked in catalogues (conventionally referred to as “dictionaries”), which we describe in § 7 (1–4). This organization of the material allows the utilization of the digital potential of the linguistic data base for a quantitative analysis on multiple levels, especially for the investigation of the manifestation of the diastratic and diaphasic variable and for the exploitation of information related to the inquiry (particular conditions for obtaining the responses).
We analyze and present (in Table 1) the codified symbols (used during the searches, as well as for the redaction of the maps and texts published as “non-cartographed material”), with which we can easily identify and decipher the effects of the linguistic variation types mentioned above and we also suggest the establishment of other codified symbols for the “verbal” indices, encodable, describing the same aspects (see Table 2). The digitalization for the scope of a relational study of linguistic atlases represents an effective means for the knowledge of the language use from a socio- and psycholinguistic perspective and will contribute to the establishment of a multidimensional dialectology.
Language: French

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