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Câteva considerații despre funcția lingvistică a verbelor

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XXIV (2), p. 130-146
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[Some remarks on the linguistic function of verbs]
In the present paper I attempt to identify the status of the verb as a part of speech, as opposed to the other parts of speech, by investigating verbs from multiple points of view (as lexical, categorial and grammatical facts, as conveyors of time and/or predicativity). The main function of the verb, predicativity, is (regarded by most linguists as) a grammatical function par excellence, specific to language (= langue). As such, it cannot describe the functioning of the verb – as a part of speech – on the level of language understood as langage in E. Coseriu’s acceptation of the term. Therefore, I have searched for a semantic function that could correspond to predicativity as a syntactic function. At the conclusion of this research the respective function has been identified as deloun, as described in Plato’s Sophist, a function which I regard as generating the role of verbs in language.
Key words:
  • verb, adjectiv, parte de vorbire, semaínein, deloun, temporalitate
  • verb, adjective, part of speech, semaínein, deloun, temporality
Language: Romanian

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