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Structuri negative în variantele teritoriale daco-române

Publication: Limba română, LXV (4), Section Gramatică, p. 465-474
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[Negative structures in territorial variants of Daco-Romanian]
In Romanian the main negators are nu and nici. Nu < lat. non is the sentence negative marker in all variants of Romanian. Nu takes part in forming constant negative patterns. The powerful negative valence as a sentence negative marker shows itself for instance when used in order to form negations to relative constructions with infinitive or subjunctive and also in the negative imperative 2nd person plural. In old Romanian nici carries a double valency as both a sentence negative marker and an intensifier. In modern standard Romanian and in territorial variants of Daco-Romanian nici loses the valency of a clausal negator and only carries the single valency of an negation intensifier. Therefore bi-clausal structures where the first clause has the negative marker nu (i.e. [NegatorNU + Vfinite form] + [NegatorNICI + Vfinite form]) in the ancient texts are no more used in modern standard Romanian or in dialectal Romanian. On the other hand binary negative structure with nici are extending while also integrating negative sentences with the negative marker nu (i.e. [nici [NegatorNU + Vfinite form] + nici [NegatorNU + Vfinite form]].)
Key words:
  • negator, marcator propoziţional, intensificator, concordanţă negativă, tipar negative
  • negator, sentence negative marker, intensifier, negative concord, negative pattern
Language: Romanian

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