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Consideraţii lingvistice cu privire la fitonimele româneşti create cu ajutorul termenului „urs”

Publication: The Proceedings of the “European Integration - Between Tradition and Modernity” Congress, 6, p. 234-247
Publisher:Editura Universităţii „Petru Maior”
Abstract:Our work aims an inventory, statistical interpretation of the Romanian lexemes of ethnobotany on the term “bear”. A large number of Romanian phytonyms are directly involving the bear, a totemic animal, which, as in most Romanian folk creation shows sympathy towards this mammal (the people calling him Grandpa Martin). In the Romanian traditional culture, most often, the bear is associated with robust plants that grow at high altitudes or in inaccessible areas (where only the bear would think to wander), representing usually the embodiment of life and resistance in the wild but also a peaceful livelihood. A cult of this animal has existed since the Stone Age. Many Indo-Europeans, bear on a number of folkloric and mythological derivatives which have been preserved until today. In Indo-European languages to name the bear there are often used circumlocutions: in German: “Bär”, “Bjorn”, “bear” – brown; in Slavic: variations of the term “medvedi” – honey eater. Geto-Dacians considered the bear a sacred animal. By some interpretations even Zalmoxis name is placed in relation to the bear (i.e. its fur). In the Thracians mythology it played a cosmogonic role: Thracians believed that the pillars of the earth are supported by a bear on its back (or on the withers). In Romanian mythology the bear is invested with multiple apotropaic and therapeutic virtues and with the weather and the succession of the seasons.
Key words:Romanian phytonyms, Conotation, Denotation, Linguistics, Etnobothany, Bear
Language: Romanian

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