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Abateri frecvente în exprimarea actuală. Solecismul

Publication: The Proceedings of the International Conference “Communication, Context, Interdisciplinarity”. Section: Language and Discourse, 1, p. 350-355
Publisher:“Petru Maior” University Press
Abstract:The literary version of each language is defined by its normed character, which ensures, in fact, the phonetic-phonological, orthographic, orthoepic, lexical, semantic, etymological, morphological, and syntactical correctness. The knowledge and application of the linguistic and literary norms sets conditions on the correct, careful, unitary oral and written communication. Correctness is the general quality of the style which presupposes the strict compliance with the norms of the current literary version of a language within communication. Lack of compliance with the linguistic norms results in deviation/ mistake. A form of deviation from correctness is represented by the solecism. In a larger sense, solecism is defined as any type of mistake, deviation from norms, including the breaking of etiquette, of decency. This latter sense is preserved by the English language (incongruence, absurdity, mistake, grammatical error, breaking of usage), whereas French provides a specialized meaning to the term: syntactical mistake, erroneous construction of an utterance. Romanian retains its specialized meaning, i.e. of grammatical and/or usage error. The solecism occurs due to the speakers’ lack of culture or to insufficient language knowledge. The category of speakers most likely to pertain to the phenomenon of solecism is made up of the ignorant people as regards the language field, as well as those learning a foreign language. The solecism can be manifested as: deviation from the rules of grammatical agreement; deviation as a consequence of improper use of some connectors etc.
Key words:the linguistic and literary norms, correctness, deviation/mistake, the solecism, grammatical and/or usage error
Language: Romanian

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