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Sextil Puşcariu – Neogramaticul

Publication: Caietele Sextil Pușcariu, II, p. 166-173
Actele Conferinței Internaționale „Zilele Sextil Pușcariu”, Ediția a II-a, Cluj-Napoca, 10–11 septembrie 2015
Editori: Eugen Pavel, Nicolae Mocanu, Adrian Tudurachi; Coperta: Călin Stegerean; Layout: Nicolae Mocanu
Tiparul a fost finanțat de Societatea Română de Dialectologie
Proiect realizat cu sprijinul Primăriei și al Consiliului Local Cluj-Napoca
Publisher:Editura Scriptor; Editura Argonaut
Abstract:[Sextil Puşcariu – the Neogrammarian] The Neogrammarian School may be considered a founding moment in the history of linguistics. The Neogrammarian philosophy however is the constitutive and fundamental element of the science of linguistics.
Whether they are fueled directly by it, or they benefit in the most indirect, subtle or sinuously-ramified ways from it, the subdomains, perspectives and approaches of linguistics are born, exist and function only as a consequence of the genetic relation with the Neogrammarian philosophy. Due to the modalities in which it both reflects the ontic reality and stems from the epistemic reality, this doctrine becomes not only the primordial component of linguistics, but also its independent root, the only one capable of ensuring the scientifically-grounded existence of any form of existence of linguistics.
Key words:
  • Neogrammarian philosophy, processual, diachrony, evolution, Sextil Puşcariu
  • filozofie neogramatică, procesual, diacronie, evoluţie, Sextil Puşcariu
Language: Romanian

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