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Observaţii tipologice privind variaţia structurii sintactice a verbului românesc. Marcarea necanonică a obiectului

Publication: Limba română, LXIV (1), p. 23
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In the present paper, we discuss the dative–accusative alternation in the realization of the object constituent with two-place verbs. In order to explain the phenomenon, we place it in a broader context, i.e., we use comparative data from other Romance languages. As indicated in the bibliography, the aforementioned variation is encountered with a limited class of two-place verbs, called “interaction verbs”. The specific feature of these verbs is their low semantic transitivity, which means that they do not fit in the canonical frame of two-place verbs involving an Agent and a Pacient. Their object constituent can express either the Goal (in which case the object is marked with the dative case) or is semantically underspecified, alternatively encoding the Goal and the Pacient (in which case the object may be marked with the dative and the accusative case, as with the verb ajuta ‘help’).
Key words:
  • româna veche, obiect, dativ, acuzativ, marcare cazuală
  • old Romanian, object, dative, accusative, case marking
Language: Romanian

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