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Comunicarea non-verbală într-o perspectivă semiotică: metafora gestuală în text/context religios

Publication: Limba română, LXIII (4), p. 547
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The codes that are used during speech acts are not exclusively verbal – as the Jakobson’s metalingual function might indicate. That is why some researchers suggested the so-called metasignal function. This function not only refers to what is covered by “linguistics”, but also to all signs relevant to a speech act, to everything assumed by the “signifier-signified” relationship, including gestures. In the present article we wish to support the ideas above: the religious text chosen, which is a catechetical handbook (for Christian orthodox users), aims not only at decoding formally and semantically at the word level, but also at finding the meaning of non-verbal codes (even of para-verbal ones) that go with the verbal. In this article, we shall refer to some rituals – mainly gestural – performed in the public Christian Orthodox Mass.
Key words:
  • funcţie metasemică, metaforă gestuală, intertextualitate, reformulare, definiţie semantică vs definiţie semiotică
  • metasemic function, gestural metaphor, intertextuality, reformulate, semantic definition vs semiotic definition
Language: Romanian

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