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Observații filologice și lingvistice asupra primelor parimiare românești

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XVI (2), p. 143-148
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The study approaches in a synthetic manner a few of the oldest collections of religious maxims that have been acknowledged in the old Romanian literature. Information is being provided, in connection to the texts under scrutiny, about the period and the filiation of some manuscript translations. One of the most early codices discovered in the library of Saint Nicolas Church in Şcheii Braşovului (ms. 36) is undoubtedly placed in the beginning of the 17th century. The language of this particular text displays two dialectical levels, one that is characteristic of the Northern region of Dacoromania (Moldovia, Transylvania, without the South-East part of Banat-Hunedoara), which belongs to the original translation, and another one of Southern extraction, a larger one, that can be attributed to the copists. As far as the first collection of religious maxims is concerned, the work printed in Iaşi, in 1683 (Parimiile preste an), by the metropolitan Dosoftei is a representative oeuvre for the evolution of the theologico-philosophical language, as well as for the richness and the visual sensitivity of the vocabulary that is put in requisition.
Key words:
  • parimie, profeţie, mitropolitul Dosoftei, limbaj teologico-filosofic
  • religious maxim (paroimia), prophecy, the metropolitan Dosoftei, theologico-philosophical language
Language: Romanian

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