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Diacronia 3, February 12, 2016, art. A34 (p. 1–26)

The Homeric poems in Romanian attire. A diachronic analysis (II)

Petre Gheorghe Bârlea


Faculty of Letters, “Ovidius” University, Aleea Universității 1, 900472 Constanța, Romania


Received October 6, 2015
Accepted October 25, 2015
Published February 12, 2016

Key words

literary language
phonetics and morphology
lexical-semantic renderings


In this article we continue the diachronic analysis of the Romanian versions of the Homeric poems, cf. Bârlea (2015c). The triple perspective of the approach is being maintained: a) the evolution of international Homeric studies, which facilitates evermore detailed and exact editions of the Homeric texts; b) the evolution of the literary Romanian language in the period considered (1837–2012), with some references to older periods; c) the differences between translational choices. This time we are concerned with more distinct domains in the language structure of the translations—phonological-morphological and lexical-semantic aspects. Special attention is paid to linguistic localizations, closely linked to the mentalities and historical realities of the Romanian space of circulation of these successive translations from Homer. In the first case, we have concentrated on the problems of orthography and stress, while in the second we have considered not only the diachronic distributions of word forms and meanings, but also their diastratic and diatopic location.


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