Diacronia 14, December 12, 2021, art. A192 (p. 1–11)

Slavonic–Romanian lexicons of the 17th century and their comparative digital edition (the eRomLex project)

Ana-Maria Gînsac1,, Mihai-Alex Moruz1 2,, Mădălina Ungureanu1,


1Institute of Interdisciplinary Research, Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Str. Al. Lăpușneanu 26, 700057 Iași, Romania
2Faculty of Computer Sciences, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Str. General Berthelot 16, 700483 Iași, Romania


Received September 29, 2021
Accepted October 19, 2021
Published December 12, 2021

Key words

text editing
Slavonic–Romanian lexicons
the 17th century
old lexicography


This study discusses the eRomLex Project, aiming at elaborating a comparative digital edition of the six bilingual Slavonic–Romanian lexicons from the 17th century, based on Pamvo Berynda’s Slavonic–Ruthenian Lexicon from the same age. Following a brief presentation of the general context of these lexicons’ appearance and the current research on this topic, we will discuss the project’s aims, pointing to the benefits of a comparative digital edition. In the second section, we will comparatively examine a few strategies used by the Romanian compilers to deal with the Slavonic–Ruthenian source, both at the level of lexical inventory and definitions. The analysed examples are currently available on the project’s digital platform.

Our comparative analysis shows that the information included in the Slavonic–Romanian lexicons is closed quantitively to the source, except for Lex.Mard. Romanian scribes did not use all the material provided by the source, yet they added new (lists of) entries. Although most definitions are shorter than the ones in the source, there are many instances where additional information of various types was provided. The comparative digital edition, facilitated by the project’s platform, will provide valuable insights into the language, mentality and education of the period in which Romanian lexicons appeared.


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