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„Conjuncţia compusă” ca (...) să

Publication: Limba română: direcții actuale în cercetarea lingvistică. Actele celui de-al 11-lea Colocviu Internațional al Departamentului de Lingvistică, I, p. 219
Editors:Rodica Zafiu, Adina Dragomirescu, Alexandru Nicolae
Publisher:Editura Universității din București
Abstract:In the present paper, we argue against the compound character of the subordinating element ca (...) să. After bringing both synchronic and diachronic evidence that cannot be assigned conjunctional status, but rather can be viewed as an affix, belonging to the verbal complex together with other affixes (negation, certain adverbs and clitics), we conclude that in Romanian there is only a simple conjunction ca followed immediately or at a distance by a subjunctive, confirming thus linguistic ideas dating back to as early as Cipariu (1855). The optional or ungrammatical character of ca when immediately followed by subjunctive ( + verb) can be traced back to a commonly used structure in Latin and early Romance, namely conjunctionless subjunctive after certain types of verbs.
Language: Romanian

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